New Plants

I made a trip over to our local nursery yesterday to pick up more plants for the yard and purchase herbs since our seeds never did anything.

When I walked in, a sales associate asked if I was looking for anything in particular. I told her I wasn’t and she said “We like people like you.”

I wondered around for about an hour, deciding which plants I wanted to take home. I settled on a neon sedum, two asters and a hollyhock to help fill in some of our flower beds. The flowers aren’t blooming yet, but I look forward to some more color to our yard later in the year. Right now everything is just very green!

We are growing cilantro for the first time this year. It will be so nice to just go out back to pick a few sprigs to add to mexican dishes. Whenever I buy it at the store, there’s so much I feel like we have to have it in every dish all week to use it all.

In addition to sweet basil, which I planted last year, I also added boxwood basil. I was at a friend’s recently and he said it was the most flavorful basil he’d ever had. It looks like mini basil with small leaves and the smell is so potent…it’s divine! I can’t wait to start cooking with it.

Now I just have to wait for our tomatoes to come in and I can have caprese salad.


One thought on “New Plants

  1. julie says:

    Yeah I need to go get some cilantro to plant too. I tried last year and it died. A must have for Mexican food!

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