Regular Content

I’m working on adding some regular content posts for my blog, Facebook and Twitter.

  • Starting on the first of May, I’ll be adding Five Things on the First to my blog. This will be a themed list and I’d love for you to join in posting your own Five Things in the comments or on your own blog.
  • I will also be adding artist interviews. It’s been a while since I’ve shared a “Show+Tell” and the artist interviews will expand on this theme. I’ll be choosing artist that inspire me and interviewing them about their work, process and what it means to be authentic. To kick off this new interview series, I’ll be interviewing myself. Keep your eyes open!

Be sure to like Lexisworks on Facebook and follow me on Twitter, if you haven’t done so already, so that you’ll see the latest updates:

  • The first addition is a weekly studio snap shot. Each week, I’ll post a photo from my studio. It might be a detail, like this week’s inspiration closeline, or a shot of the whole room.
  • Starting tomorrow, I’ll be introducing Tuesday Tunes. Each Tuesday, I’ll post a link on Twitter and Facebook to a favorite song of mine. Like me on Facebook to find out why I chose that particular song.
  • And finally, every month I’ll post a Monthly Mantra.

Weekly studio snap shots and Monthly Mantras will also be pinned to Pinterest, so be sure to follow the Lexisworks board to see these and more!

I hope you’ll enjoy these new additions and feel a little more connected.


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