Favorite Things Vignettes

With the home renovations that we’ve been doing over the last 2 year, particularly the living room which has gone on forever, I got in the habit of creating little vignettes. This allowed me to feel like I was living in the fully decorated home that I longed for-if only in small nuggets.

More and more of our house is complete, but I’ve continued my practice of arranging small vignettes and taking photos of these little compositions. Most of my little vignettes revolve around flowers because though it is not often that I buy them, they really do light up day to see them! And mostly, I just like to include my favorites things

The photo above features the red flowers I had clipped from our backyard on an 83 degree day, only to wake up to snow 2 days later! I was so happy I had brought a bit of spring into our home as I watched the white snow cover the branches outside.

The other photo and the ones below feature another bouquet, this time one I picked up on a whim at Hazel and Dewey the day I took my DIY screenprinting workshop.

I used a few props that sit out in our living room and snapped a few photos in different arrangements. I am particularly in love with the photo below and quite blown away that I actually took this photo! I hardly consider myself a photographer. The framed photo above is me at age 8 fishing in Alaska.

I particularly love the rock in this photo. While on our camping honeymoon, I was picking rocks while Bear was fishing. I decided that I wanted to find a heart shaped rock to commemorate our honeymoon and 5 minutes later, I found one!

This set features my yellow billy balls, which were in my wedding bouquet and the balsa wood evergreen trees I bought at Container Store awhile back. The rooibios chai yogi tea is my new favorite and I love the custom photo mugs my best friend gave to us for christmas.


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