Using Lessons Learned

I had another successful evening in the studio last night. Of course it was also another night where I was whining in my head “I DID NOT WANT TO.” And of course, once I was in my studio, all was fine.

I find that it is the actual walking down to the basement that is the hardest part of my creative process. If I can overcome this resistance, then I am fine.

Lately I have been creating primarily with paper, laying everything out, making sure it is just so before bringing out the glue and making permanent decisions. Last night was the first time that I used the core teaching of Flora Bowley Bloom True e-course-intution.

I worked with the painted canvases I started last week. Rather than having a plan, I just started grabbing bits and scraps from my stash and gluing them on any which way. You’ll notice I even included images from my DIY screenprinting workshop. I tried my best not to hold any scape of paper too precious and when it came time to add paint, it was helpful for me to remember the “giving up like for love” lesson.

If I wasn’t liking any area, then there was no reason for me to save it just because the scrap of paper underneath was “special.” In giving up one area of my painting, I am making room for something more wonderful to emerge later.

These paintings are only just the beginning of the the series that I am planning for my first gallery show in August-the First Friday Art Crawl on Tennyson.


4 thoughts on “Using Lessons Learned

  1. lexisworks says:

    Funny thing is I have this struggle with the gym as well! I make a deal with myself that if I work in my studio it’s okay to skip the gym.
    Thanks for noticing how my work as evolved!

  2. alexa says:

    I really like these, especially the great shades and textures top left … Funny how procrastination highlights the very thing we need to do!

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