Estate Sale Finds

Tuesdays and Thursdays are my “days off.” I put this in quotation because although I don’t go into work at my current contract position, I am still hard at work on all things Lexisworks.

While on my way home from running errands one afternoon, I was excited to see a sign for an estate sale. I quickly made a U-turn and followed the signs. I was was even more excited to find that the signs actually led to an estate sale. I’m often following signs that lead to old sales.

Once inside I quickly had my arms full, so I had to start a pile for my treasures.

My favorite find was the set of red suitcases, only $2! What else did I get for my $6.50 at this sale?
-collection of old glass christmas bulbs
-tinsel garland
-children’s map game
-metal file index with alphabet labels
-old book about America’s National Parks
-a set of king sheets that match a set of twin sheets I purchased at Savors last Fall (now used for the booth display {afd} and I share)
– 1 milk glass and 2 green glass vases

This was the kind of sale where they just wanted to get rid of everything rather than rack up a bunch of money. I was happy to help and find a new home for some old things.


9 thoughts on “Estate Sale Finds

  1. Bill Chance says:

    I love going to estate sales. I say I’m looking for fountain pens – but the fact that you can almost experience a person’s entire life by looking at all their possessions is the most interesting part.

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