Screenprinting Play

This past weekend I had the opportunity to take a DIY Screenprinting workshop at Hazel & Dewey. The workshop was taught by Jennifer Ghormley of Jen G. Studios.

I’ve had expereince with screenprinting-my mom is a fiber artist who uses screenprinting extensively and I took a printmaking class in college-and although I love the concept of it, I’ve never really taken advantage of it.

Mostly what I liked about this class was allowing my self the opportunity to play for several hours with a new tool. I created a stencil out of an evergreen and printed it over and over again on dictionary pages.

I wasn’t going for perfection, which allowed me to play with the imperfections caused by printing on top of images that were still wet and not worrying about getting the placement of images just right.

I’ve already starting thinking about how I can use my stack of printed evergreens, and I’m excited for the possibilities that have developed from this afternoon of play.

And of course, now that I know a little more about the DIY side of screenprinting, I hope to take advantage of this new tool.


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