Doing It Anyway

Why is it that I drag my heels in so hard about getting down into my studio, but once I’m there I have so much fun? I only spent an hour in my studio tonight, but I felt very accomplished and overall just feel better.

I enjoyed working on the floor dropping and pushing paint around. I’m using the technique I learned in Flora Bowley’s class and I find it makes the initial starting of a painting so much easier. I don’t feel the stress or worry about ruining a white canvas because at this point I am only trying to get paint on the canvas.

And of course I would have to feel better after spending time in my studio. I’ve done my best to fill this room with bright colors and inspirational pieces. My studio feels even happier now that I finally found a home for my left-over yellow wedding tissue flowers.

Do you have things that you love to do, but a huge resistance force is always acting against you?


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