What I Do Matters and NEW Necklaces

I’m delayed in posting these photos from my February We Heart Art craft market. I have 2 cameras and had forgotten I’d taken the photos!
I added some Valentine themed decorations to my booth for this event and I fit in quite nicely with all of the flag and streamer decorations.


Below are photos from the Spring Sugar Plum Bazaar. I wanted to thank everyone who made this event a huge success!

One of my favorite things about doing craft fairs is meeting my customers. I was thrilled when several people came up to me to share they had purchased my work at other events or seen my work at shops in Denver. I even had a lady tell me she had just met me at my last event (above) and my newsletter was what brought her and her friends to Sugar Plum.

I have become accustom to the many shoppers that come close to or actually tearing up in my booth when reading the quote on the Kiss Your Children artwork. I feel so touched that my artwork has this kind of effect on people. It is a reminder that what I do matters: My artwork is touching the true honest places in people’s hearts and encouraging them to live the authentic life they have imagined.



This was the unofficial launch of the necklaces I created with the help of {AFD}. We are both super excited about these lovely little collage necklaces! Of course my photos above don’t accurately represent these little gems.

This photo below is a bit better and you can see all 6 designs. Stay tuned for our official launch April 1, when we’ll have them properly photographed and in their lovely packaging.


3 thoughts on “What I Do Matters and NEW Necklaces

  1. Danielle says:

    I love all of this and you amaze me and are such an inspiration to do things you LOVE! I can’t wait to see some of it soon!

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