Letting Go of Like for Love

Canvas #2 Layer 6

Canvas #2 Layer 6

We are at the point in the painting process where we are looking at composition and really working with what works. We are also practicing being brave and bold. In order to let go and allow these paintings to become the paintings they are meant to be, I must remember not to hold them as too precious. As I get further along and develop more of an attachment to the imagery appearing, it becomes harder to decide what my next move will be.

Canvas #2 Layer 7

Canvas #2 Layer 7 close up

What struck me the most in class this week was this statement: Sometimes we must give up something we like to make room for something we love. I had been thinking about the two birds in my painting and made the bold move to paint over the first bird that had appeared-the one that I was so proud of.

Because I realized I liked it, but i didn’t love it. There was something about the floating duck that was drawing me in more and more.

Canvas #1 Layer 6

So my BOLD BRAVE move was to paint over the first bird. I also created more of the blue texture because that was something that I thought was really working and it unified the background.

Canvas #1 Layer 7

Canvas #1 Layer 7 close up

I still have to resolve, what I am calling the baby octopus (the floral shape on the belly of the bird.) I’m not sure what this shape is but I know that it’s not right yet.

I think I like Canvas #1 and it’s vibrant color pallet more than #2 at this point, but I think that’s because #1 feels close to the end and #2 is still missing something. I hope to discover what that is next week as the will be the final week of class.


2 thoughts on “Letting Go of Like for Love

  1. spaark says:

    I find it so hard the giving up of the like for the love..especially when we are so close to the end. And I dont think that looks like an octupus..give him a bit of time and i bet something beautiful becomes of him!

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