A Bird Was Revealed

Canvas #1 Layer 5

So this painting came a long way from the last time I shared it. This is the first time I’ve photographed Canvas #1 horizontally but that is because there was no true orientation before so it didn’t matter.

Canvas #1 Layer 5 close up

I was working on this painting when Bear came down to visit me in the studio. He looked at my painting and said, “Looks good, I like it.” I turned to him and said “I didn’t mean to paint the bird, it just appeared.”

This bird is the result of the intuitive painting process I having been learning in Flora’s Bloom True e-course and I can say I never would have had the courage or the faith to just paint without this course. The idea of not having a plan when starting a piece of art seemed so foreign to me. But now over half way through this learning process I can see the beauty of not having a plan. And I find it particularly thrilling to know that this painting is not done yet!

Canvas #2 didn’t “reveal” quite the same way as the previous one, and I was feeling a little disappointed after the “success” of the first canvas. I had to remind myself that I was still in the middle of the whole process and there would be time for my painting to evolve into something more.

Canvas #2 Layer 5


After working on it for a bit, I decided I was stuck and put the painting on the floor to add some fluid acrylic drips.


Canvas #2 Layer 5.5

Canvas #2 Layer 5.5


I have to say looking at the before and after photos now, I think I liked the before best, but at the time I didn’t feel that way. Oh well. I can only move forward from here and I will work with what is there.


3 thoughts on “A Bird Was Revealed

  1. Celina Wyss says:

    They are both lovely! Coming along great. I haven’t shared my canvas 2 for awhile because it feels like a chaotic mess to me. Hoping to find some time to paint on it today.

  2. KLB says:

    I think it is great Lexis! The before looked very ‘jazz inspired’ to me – for lack of better words. I’ve been following your progress and never saw a bird coming! It works though! Very nice – keep painting!

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