Learning about Paint

After painting with only shape, color and texture, we were encouraged to add representational imagery for this layer.

Canvas #2 Layer 5 and close up

During this process, I could really see how having quality paints and brushes makes a difference. I enjoyed adding drawings of organic shapes and flowers to my painting, but I became frustrated at how often I had to dip my brush back in the paint. It made it harder for me to just go with the flow as I had to keep going over the same line to get the opacity I desired.

I think my lower quality paint also explains why my painting isn’t quite as vibrant as I was hoping in my color choices. These are good lessons to learn as a beginner painter. I know that when I can afford it, I will look for higher quality paints.

Canvas #1 Layer 5

I could see how this layer would set us up for the next layer where we will get to look at our paintings with a more subjective eye and start making some purposeful discussions.


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