Black & White Resistance

Canvas #1 Layer 4

We were told to incorporate black and white paint into the next layer of our paintings. When I read this, the petulant, childish voice in my head screamed “NO! I do not want to.”

Canvas #2 Layer 4

Adding the layers of fluid acrylic certain helped tone done the extreme contrast of the black and white, but I definitely was feeling a primitive feel to these paintings.

Canvas #2 Layer 4

I had to remind myself that this was all part of the process. So the child got quieter, but did not stop complaining about ruining the nice painting that was coming along. I began to feel a little bit better when I saw that the second part of the lesson had us adding fluid acrylic paint over the whites, blacks and other colors. This helped to soothe the voice.

Canvas #2 Layer 4.5

After I finished the first layer of adding white and black, I felt a little better about the process. But I wasn’t loving it. I certainly see how adding tone and value creates depth and interest in a painting. But I think ultimately I would move toward extremely dark colors to create my contrast rather than going straight for black.

Canvas #1 Layer 4.5 close up

The class has a private Flickr group to upload and share our painting progress. It has been fun to look at others work and receive feedback from fellow classmates. Often the viewer sees things that the artist does not. For example, one student thougth my paintings looked very 3D with the addition of the black and white, something I hadn’t seen myself until it was pointed out.

Canvas #1 Layer 4.5

Since I’ve been painting on the wall, whenever I add water to my canvas, the drips cascade down to the ground. I have unintentionally created a spill rainbow on my floor. Not having to worry about the mess I make is one of the many reason I love being a home owner and having a dedicated studio space to call my own!


One thought on “Black & White Resistance

  1. Julie says:

    Oh gosh…I agree with you about the black! Y
    I’m not to this lesson yet, and I am already thinking noooooo- lol. Oh well, it’s about letting go, right!? Nice post!

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