A Note on Process

Even though I am working-ever so slowly-on a sewing project, my sewing machine seems to get more use on paper than fabric lately. As my  husband said recently, “You love sewing paper together.” I’ve enjoyed experimenting with using it in my collages and really like the extra handmade feeling it gives.

While creating “All Good Things,” I made it a point to take pictures along the way so I could share how my art evolves with each layer.

I started this collage with a 12  x 12 x .25 inch board.

All Good Things progress 1

I tore pages from a 1960s Atlas and cut out a mountain silhouette. Then I cut the starburst from scrapbook paper. Once the map scraps were glued together, I sewed a border around the edge of the mountains.

All Good things progress 2

Then I cut a scalloped edge, created a cityscape drawing similar to the one I did here and added a layer of paint.

All Good things progress 3

I pulled out my tree stencil to add some red trees and a rough red border. Then I drew my text onto kraft paper, cut it out and glued it onto my background.

All Good Things progress

I finished this piece by painting a layer of wax over the entire board and attaching a ribbon for it to hang.

If you would like “All Good Things” to hang in your own home, it’s for sale on Etsy.


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