Thrilling Experience


I just finished up week one of my Bloom True  class, and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the experience that I am having. Above is a journal page I created with a list of affirmations to help me let go of the fear of creating:

I am a talented artist.
My heart has just as much value as my head.
I am happiest creating.
I trust what I create.
Fun is better than fear.
I have value.
I deserve abundance.
Perfect does not exist.
I will go with the flow.

Each time I begin a layer on my Bloom True canvases, I reaffirm that taking this class was the right move. I don’t think I would have had the courage to start such large canvases. And I certainly wouldn’t be going at it with such courage.


Because layering is already an integral part of my own creative process, I really enjoy building up layers in these paintings. These paints show layer two. Photographing each layer is a great way for me to watch my process, as well as learn from my own experience.


Layer two was all about mark making. Now that I’ve stepped back, I can see that I’d like to work more on varying my marks. Everything looks a little too same-same right now. But this is not a finished painting, so there are plenty of layers to create more marks.

My mind has already started wandering and thinking about how I can incorporate my own creative collage techniques with all of the new painting skills I am learning right now.


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