It’s Wasn’t Scary At All

As soon as I was watched the first video from Bloom True this morning, I had an immediately smile on my face and a sheer sense of giddiness! I didn’t have time to paint this morning but I told myself that I would paint in the evening.

After dinner, I became a little reluctant to go down to my studio and paint. I had two large canvases waiting for me to fill them with color and I became hesitant. I quickly remembered my excitement from this morning and went down stairs.

Once I made the commitment to follow through the two exercise, I couldn’t believe how easy and well.. painless it really was. I easily filled my canvases with color and I was disappointed to be done so quickly.

The canvas above was purchased for me by my aunt, 4 Christmases ago. It has been sitting in it’s plastic wrap waiting for me to have the courage to use it.

The above canvas required me to close my eyes and paint with my hands.

Just like that I’ve tackled the fear of the blank canvas!


2 thoughts on “It’s Wasn’t Scary At All

  1. Barb says:

    Way to go, Rachel! (I’m in Bloom True with you.) I’m headed to the art store to pick up some new fluid acrylics and when I get home, I hope I have some great starts to show, too!

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