Supplies Ready

Just a few more days until to my painting class with Flora Bowely starts! I’ve purchased all of my painting supplies and I organized my studio to create a nice painting space for the LARGE canvases on which we will be working.

I have three canvases ready: a 24 x 24, an 18 x 30 and a 36 x 40 (this largest one I’ve had long enough to move from 2 apartments to our house). I’m really excited to learn new painting techniques and get over my current fear of the mess of acrylic paint.

I’m not the only one with this fear. I feel the same as Jenny Doh when she said  “paint has always scared me a bit. It’s just so unpredictable, you know?” I could completely relate to her post about resolving to paint. Excitement and anticipation fills me as I read about Jenny Doh’s learning experience with Flora Bowley at last year’s Makerie Retreat.

I can’t wait to begin my 6 week painting journey! Hello Soul. Hello Business is in full swing so I will certainly be busy over the next several weeks as I fill my time with two online classes.


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