Back to School

I’ve been set up with my computer at the dining room table the last few months. This is where I’ve been doing my job searching, freelance design, and internet browsing for the last several months. But I’ve been wanting a space that was more dedicated to getting work done and perhaps keep me away from the computer when I didn’t need to be on it.

So I set up a space for myself in our guest bedroom so that I could focus on my classwork. I’ve spent today playing catch up from last week’s Hello Soul. Hello Business course work and hope to be right on track with the rest of the class by tomorrow.


We’re encouraged to keep a journal through this learning process and I wanted one dedicated specifically to this class. I choose a vintage scrapbook that I bought at a thrift store over 5 years ago. The paper is nice and thick so I can write with sharpies and not have to worry about them seeping through to the other side.


I actually enjoyed setting up a little desk space for myself and picking a few of my favorite ideas to keep close. I used the table I take with me to craft markets and covered it with a vintage sheet. I just love the flowers on it and how it compliments the teal walls in this room!

The mug is one of my favorites. I love that it’s so big and green on the inside! But it slipped out of my hands and chipped in two places on the lip. I’ve refused to get rid of it and continue to drink coffee and tea out of it.  In hopes of transitioning it out of the kitchen but still keeping it close by I’m now using it to keep my sharpies close at hand.



I’ve moved the “It is not enough to put your heart” print next to my computer to remind me of all the things it requires to be successful. And of course, I had to put a wedding photo close by. In addition to the frames, I put the new plant we just purchased yesterday to remind me of growth. I love the illustration on the purple candle, it has smelled so good in this room today since I’ve had it burning all afternoon. The best part is once the candle is finished, the glass can be cleaned out and used as a drinking glass.

Putting this space together for myself sort of reminded me of getting ready for a new school year. It’s like getting ready for a fresh start and I’m ready to hit the books!


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