Hello Opportunity

It’s been incredibly helpful for me to be open and honest on this blog over the last month. I’m thankful for the encouragement that I’ve received from my readers and friends alike. As painful as it can be to be honest sometimes, I also know it can be rewarding. I’d like to think there are others reading my words and thankful I chose to share.

The days I struggle are really more about figuring out what to do with my life. I know that I have talent. And most days I believe in my creative gift. It’s just that sometimes I wish I could have turned out more like everyone else and ignore the voice in my head that says “do what you love.”

Lately, “do what you love” has become a more prominent dream in my head.

But dreams are hard. I think it’s incredibly thrilling and terrifying to think that before the age of 30 I could be declaring myself a full-time artist. “Who does that? Who do you think you are?” are questions that my inner critic constantly ask. I have been trying my best to fight back with “Why not me?”

And that is why, I’ve taken a BIG, GIANT step, said yes to myself, and signed up for Hello Soul. Hello Business.

I saw the ads for this e-course when it was first released and thought it looked promising but the price and the fact that I wasn’t sure I was there yet stopped me from signing up.

Thanks in part to the owner of Hello Bluebird and an honest conversation with my husband, I’ve decided I am there now. This is the time for me to take the leap and make a go at my business. This is why the universe keeps laying me off: I’m not meant to be in an office.


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