Confessions of a Thrift-a-holic

After finding the blue travel cosmetic case, I’ve had my eye out for more travel cases. I know, what would a girl do with more than one? Well, they make great travel craft totes and supply carriers for craft markets. Currently, I have to empty the blue one out every time I do something different.


My lastest find at Goodwill isn’t exactly a cosmetic case, but I couldn’t resist the bold floral pattern on this mini suitcase. It’s propped in my studio now as eye candy, but who knows perhaps on my next over night trip, I’ll take this pretty suitcase along.

It’s said that the more you go thrifting, the more likely you are to “find a find.” And it’s true. But I think I may be going too much, it’s lost of bit of the thrill and I don’t get quite the same “high” when I find a find-although I think I’ve gotten better at saying no to everything that catches my eye.

My husband has been joking about sending me to Thrifters Anonymous and I think I’m ready to admit: I have a problem.

So starting today, no thrift stores for 2 weeks.


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