Journaling and Reorganizing

I’ve been ever so slowly making my way through the book Journal Spilling, a book I purchased almost 2 years ago. The book talked about the benefits of working with watercolors, and I realized, “Wait! I have brand new, unopened watercolors.” I went out and bought a plastic palette and I’m learning how un-messy watercolors can be…and really loving it!

It was fun to spend several hours in my studio going back and forth between journaling-I did have to wait for the watercolors to dry-and reorganizing my studio. For months my picture rail had become a half-hazard collection of nothing overly inspiring. To encourage me in the studio I framed a Curly Girl calendar page , added picture of my mom when she was 26, my favorite flea market find from Amsterdam and a new framed print of my own. The window also has a new home, which I’m using as a place to display inspiring quotes.

In my cleaning, I found my favorite t-shirt which I taken down to my studio months ago. I had finally given up on wearing it and had decided to frame it in an embroidery hoop. The problem was I had misplaced it. I was thrilled to find it at long last and put it up on my studio wall.

It is so nice to walk into my studio now and know that half of it is clean. Another good day and I’ll be all tided up again.


3 thoughts on “Journaling and Reorganizing

  1. timelesslady says:

    I enjoyed your post. I paint in Watercolors too. I also have a hard time keeping my studio clean. A tip: you can speed up the drying time with a hair dryer.

  2. Rachel Carlson says:

    Love, love, LOVE….that tee is perfect in that hoop, all your watercolors have inspired me to pull out mine….see, you are inspiring people, bring it!!! WELL, you’ve always inspired me anyway.

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