Being Brave

I debated about sharing my last post and allowing myself to be so openly vulnerable. Ultimately, I decided to share my true, honest feelings because I remembered that the blogs that I enjoy reading the most are the ones that revealed the messy, honest stories of life.

And, I remembered, how at 17, when I discovered Sabrina Ward Harrison‘s book Spilling Open, I was so grateful that her visual journals had been published and to read about another woman’s insecurities.

So I chose to be brave and share my struggle with purpose and enough. It was actually this sharing, letting others know and finding out that I am not alone ( I enjoyed the link left in the comments section about Preventing Goal Burn Out.) in those thoughts that helped me move past them. Sharing on my blog got me to work through the feelings I was having and get them out of my head. Now there is room for better things.

Sharing also prompted others to speak up. One friend shared that she viewed me as such a successful and accomplished person, while another told me I had “a drive that keeps you pursuing your dreams and that doesn’t come along very often.” It can be eye opening to compare the way we view ourselves against the way the world views us. We are truly our own worst critic. So why then, do we chose to listen to that one voice (our own), over all of the others?

Here’s to a year of remembering the successful driven person I am capable of being. Thank you to everyone for their continued support, appraisal and love.

I beat the resistance and spent some much needed and enjoyed time in my studio yesterday. I’ll be sharing my accomplishments soon.


5 thoughts on “Being Brave

  1. Carol Simpson says:

    I was searching for a special message for my daughter who gave birth to two beautiful baby boys on 1-3-12. Of course I went to Hello Bluebird in West Reading Pa. I chose the card of elephant Mom and child and poem about passing down kisses. It was perfect. I framed in and sat it on her bedside table with a little bouquet of flowers for her homecoming yesterday. Thank you so much for puting in words what I wanted to express.
    The owner suggested I send you a message and I am so happy I did. Your site is so inspirational and I look forward to reading all the entries and finding so talented a ‘friend’.

  2. Rachel Carlson says:

    THIS is what I mean about putting yourself ‘out there’. I look up to you, I sincerely do. And this just sums up everything I continue to work to be as an individual. Thanks again for continuing to do that. Cheers to you sweet girl. So proud of you!

  3. Rachel Carlson says:

    Thanks Lexis, that means a LOT right now. It sure was about putting my BRAVE face on too…in more ways than one, that’s for sure. I have been very lucky that Portland is DRENCHED in handmade, art, culture….I could go on and on. I’m finding that it ‘fits’ and I’m wearing it well too….I would like to think at least…still with bumps in the road I will continue to chin up, shoulders back and press on. HUGE hugs to you!

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