Thrift Treasures for My Home

One of the up sides of my unemployment is that I can go thrifting anytime I want. I went to four different Goodwills in three days this week. I found treasures at two of my stops.

With Christmas right around the corner, the decorations were half off. I picked up a box of old blue and silver glass ornaments and 18 feet of lighted garland for under $5. I’d been eying the old glass ornaments at vintage shops but they were going for upwards of several dollars an ornament. I was right in waiting for the right find.

My second thrift find included the gold tree and the clock in the photo above.

I was excited to grow my christmas decoration collection, but I was more excited about a few frames that I found. These three frames gave me the idea to finally put together a wall collage like the ones I’ve seen on Pinterest. I pulled together some of my favorite pieces from around the house and came up with my layout.

I laid my collage on the carpet, took a deep breath and with my measuring tape and hammer, I excitedly hung all my frames.

The walls still need one more coat of paint so I’ll be able to paint over any stray pencil marks. I overcame my fear of putting holds in freshly painted walls by realizing that if I put a hold in the wrong place-like a did a few times- that the frame would still cover the hole.

We’re off to Glenwood Springs for Christmas, our first married holiday, just the two of us. Denver and the Rockies have just received a blanket of white snow so we should be in for a white Christmas in the mountains. Merry Christmas!


One thought on “Thrift Treasures for My Home

  1. rachel carlson says:

    what a great post lexis, cheers to you on the treasures too. i’m a HUGE thrifter and it’s been fun to find all the new local haunts here in portland for me to visit often. it’s amazing how many are here. i LOVE the wall collage too, it looks fabulous. your cozy little home is coming together, cheers to you both. happy christmas and best wishes for an amazing 2012. hugs, rachel

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