Christmas Time

As is now our tradition, Bear and I went to the National Forest to cut down our christmas tree this year. This time we brought friends-and dogs- along, grilled and drank hot chocolate. It was really fun to share this tradition with friends.

In anticipation of our tree, we got moving on our living room painting project. We only have one coat of paint done, which is good enough for the holidays, and the wall for our fire place is still in an undecided state. With no mantle I had to use magnets to secure our stockings to the fireplace. Remi is an official member of the family now that he has a stocking just for him.


And he certainly knows how to make himself at home on a big pile of pillows on the couch or look super cute in front of the Christmas tree.


It feels so nice to finally have a nice shade of fresh khaki on our walls after over a year of  pock marked, paint streaked, un-walled papered walls. We went to IKEA to pick up some inexpensive, yet stylish curtains that looked nice and helped keep the cold air out of our home. I can finally begin the process of decided what to hang on the living room walls.




One thought on “Christmas Time

  1. rachel carlson says:

    what a great tree! i will miss that tradition in ‘colorado’, nine years strong. i started my own here in oregon and brought back a tree for friends in the ity that did not have a car to go to the tree farm. happy holidays!

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