Some Studio Things

This morning I am headed down to my studio to do some cleaning. Not the pick up art supplies and organize kind, the “my studio is in a basement and full of cobwebs” kind. I’ve been putting this off, but this morning seems like a good time to tackle this much over due cleaning.

Due to some recent “craft dates” with friends, I’ve been spending time in my studio and really enjoying having the company.

I’m working on three similar pieces right now based on the “Home is for Dreams and Love” piece I made for our bedroom. Sometimes it’s helpful to have a template to work from to create new art, especially if I’m feeling stuck.

The piece on the far right is the base I used for the artwork I submitted to for their fine art print competition.

I also removed the door on my studio. It opened up a big pink wall for me and I realized I didn’t have a need for a door because I’ll never want to shut anyone out of the studio. I love visitors!

This wall also became the temporary wall for my old window, which made for a great hanging spot for my “Mr. Roger’s sweater.” I’ve thought of making this wall my painting wall when I take Flora Bowley’s painting class. We will be working on canvases at least 24×24 and having a place to hang my canvas while working on it might be beneficial.


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