Leaps of Paint

In taking a step toward “becoming an artist” I have signed up for two creative classes starting after the first of the year.

The first class is an Art Journaling Workshop with the talented Robyn Thayer of Studio Lila in January. I will be participating in a day long course at her home studio in Evergreen. I’ve done art journaling off and on and for the past few years I’ve been pretty off, with a small “on” stint during the Telling Your Story class last spring. I would love to put journaling back into my schedule as my art journals are one of my favorite pieces of my life. This class should help me get over the fear of the blank page that I have recently acquired. I look forward to “practicing acceptance for what shows up.”

I was really thinking about signing up for the Makerie creative retreat in Boulder this Spring since I didn’t do it last year. But I thought too long and the painting class I was looking forward to-taught by Flora Bowely– was already filled by the time I made my way back over for registration.

I was thrilled when Robyn Thayer had posted on her blog about Flora’s new online painting class. I didn’t hesitate this time and signed up right away! I will be spending February and part of March tackling my fear of painting in the comfort of my own studio.

I am really excited about taking these steps toward embracing my identity as an artist. It feels like things are aligning in a way that I must take these leaps if I ever want to get out of the 9 to 5 grind. I have a wonderful/scary opportunity in front of me right now with being unemployed and I don’t want this chance to slip away again.

I continue to balance the responsible adult in me and the creative soul who wants to create her own job. These days I am perpetually repeating SARK “Be who you truly are and the money will follow.”

And very thankful for my supportive husband.


3 thoughts on “Leaps of Paint

  1. Pippin says:

    Yes you should sign up for the workshop in Makerie, so I can meet you. Maybe you can get on the waiting list for Flora’s class? Maybe see you there? Keep me posted.

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