Thrifted Holiday DIY Wreath Follow Up

I created two sparkly tinsel wreaths from the 3 bunches of garland that I purchased at the Goodwill. I even had left over garland so I might be making a third mini wreath.

I love how cheery and festive these wreaths are!  We are in the process of painting our living room so there is nothing on our walls right now. It felt nice to set these silver wreaths out for a touch of holiday spirit. The above photo also features the little white vase I picked up for my yellow billy balls-one of the flowers from my wedding.


And speaking of the wedding, I’ve finally started printing and framing our wedding photos. I’m making slow progress because I’m so indecisive, but I loved our swing photos so the above photo was an easy choice.

Early this fall, I created a quick fabric wreath following this pretty wrapped wreath tutorial. I had left over fabric from the stockings I made last year and this was a fun way to make our holiday decorations match.

This wreath lives in our entry way. The green garland and wood frame where part of the Goodwill Outlet adventure Bear and I had on Saturday. I was so excited to find a use for the frame so quickly! O and the little white yo-yos were left over from the wedding boutonniere my mom made. I just used straight pins with buttons to stick them to the foam wreath.


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