Thoughts on Unemployment, Time Management and Being an Artist

The hardest part about being unemployed is tackling self motivation. I try to hold myself to a lose schedule, at the bare minimum not sleeping into late and making dinner in the evening. But I do find that the act of getting out of bed is the hardest task all day.

This morning the bed won and I wasn’t able to get up until 9:30. Not the worst time to get up but not the best either.

I have been making progress in spending time in my studio. It still seems to be the last item on my list though. And right now cleaning it is on the top of the studio list.

This is where all of the wedding decorations ended up afterward...the floor of my studio closet isn't the best storage system

I stay busy most days, but I often find myself feeling unaccomplished at the end of the day. There is something about getting up, going to work, being seen and coming home that creates a sense of accomplishment. Staying at home all day cleaning up, looking for jobs, making grocery lists, running errands and making dinner does not create that same sense of accomplishment.

It’s easy for me to become anxious at the amount of things I could be doing: I have unlimited time so why not tackled that “someday” to do list? Sometimes the anxiously leads to inactivity.

I am trying my best now to enjoy the down time. When I choose to watch TV with Bear in the evening or read a book, I am working on “choosing” these activities rather then spending my time fretting about some other task I could be working on. This is not easy. I feel a perpetual guilt over not using my time well. Talking to a friend the other night, I was relieved to know I’m not alone: she will make to do lists and feel so overwhelmed by it all she can’t start.

I’m been reading SARK’s Inspiration Sandwich and trying to find my creative freedom. She talks a lot about letting go and going/doing what you want to be doing and the money will follow. I was particularly struck by this line:
“I believe that we need to go to where we want to be and the resources will follow us.” 

It is such a beautiful thought but it insights so much fear in me. The responsible adult that I am thinks of money and bills. But if I want to be artist for a living, there is a lot of fear that I must overcome.


4 thoughts on “Thoughts on Unemployment, Time Management and Being an Artist

  1. callie@paperedfair says:

    Well said. My thoughts exactly. I, too, work from home while our children are pre-k. The hopes and fears of creating a business of art you have expressed here resonate with me and I send light, compassion, and gratitude for your courage to articulate some of the less fun aspects of working from home.

  2. Rachel Carlson says:

    hey cutie! you’ll get there for sure. as you know, i recently moved to Portland, OR and luckily with my freelance clients i can be mobile. this is not to say that it is easy to stay motivated working from a house sit. so because i have to work with calendars, project timelines, social media, blogs, etc for all clients i’m finding that my google calendar is my best friend. i’m house sitting and caring for two chickens, they too are on my phone alarm system as they have a very special diet. so my first alarm on my phone goes off at 7am and my last one goes off at 9pm. my calendar alerts me to all my client commitments so it helps keep me accountable. i also started a weekly ‘crafting date’ with new peeps here so that i can also get ‘art’ work done too. FINALLY, i joined a weekly local co-working power bloggers group here in PDX, best thing i ever did. we meet up at a cafe once a week and power work. it’s great synergy as everyone that goes is there to work as they also work from home are freelance, etc. it’s a way to hold ourselves accountable. and let me tell you, we only look up every so often, exchange a thought or two and press on. search for one in your area OR create one of your own. the local cafes/coffee shops appreciate the business, reviews, etc and we are lucky they have great wi-fi, food and drink. this allows me to get both art and industry work done. hope some of this helps. HUGE hugs!!

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