Thrifting Karma

I recently won a gift certificate to The Pink Attic Cat, a vintage shop in Old Towne Littleton. On my first visit, I didn’t really see anything that struck my fancy. On finding out that the certificate was to expire at the end of this week, I made sure to make a visit to the shop this week.

On Wednesday, I stopped by the shop and realized they weren’t open yet. I noticed a man waiting out front peaking into the window. He asked what I was looking to find today. I told him I wasn’t looking for anything particular. He asked if I’d be interested in an old window. His truck was parted out front with several old windows sitting in it. I was surprised and happy when he offered me a window for free!

So even though the shop hadn’t been open, I still walked away with a great find! I did make it back to the shop later that day and found more fun finds.

In the back of my mind I’d been wanting an old make up luggage tote. I remember my grandmother used to always travel with one and liked the idea of having one myself. I figured at the very least it’d be handy for craft fairs to keep all the small items together.

I had a little money left on my gift certificate so I picked up some old wrapping paper and wall paper because I can never resist paper!

Recently a friend told me she’d never known anyone to acquire/find as much furniture for free as I did. I was showing her my latest acquisition:

Bear and I found this old teacher’s mailbox along with a patio table on one of our walks through the alleys in our neighborhood. As soon as I saw it, I knew I needed to take it home to my studio. It would make the perfect storage for all of my prints!

When the man gave me the window the other day, I realized that I have particularly good thrifting karma. In winning the gift certificate I found some great pieces and it led me to the window. I think because I am so willing to find a find, sometimes they find me.


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