Pumpkin Puree Mess

On Saturday, I finally got to making pumpkin puree with our garden pumpkins. I followed the basic instructions on The Pioneer Woman blog. The entire process isn’t too difficult, just a bit time consuming.

prepping pumpkinsAfter cutting the pumpkins in half and scooping out all of the insides-my least favorite part, I hate how slimy it all feels!- I put the pumpkin the oven for 50 mins until the flesh was tender. This took too batches for me since I had 4 pumpkins to roast.

pumpkin in oven

I cut and peeled the skin off of the flesh. Once I had a large bowl of soft pumpkin, I was ready to puree it in the mini food processor.

I did this same process last year, but I think I only had 2 medium sized pumpkins, instead of 2 big and 2 small pumpkins. Because I don’t remember the pureeing process becoming such a mess! There was pumpkin everywhere when I was done: the counter, the lid, buttons and handle of the food processor, under my finger nails, and my engagement ring was tinted orange for a bit.

I realized that when I have kids and want to make my own baby food, I’m going to have to upgrade to the regular sized food processor. I won’t be able to put up with the messy chaos of pureeing large quantities of food.

I had to submerge my hands in the bowl of pumpkin to find any missed pumpkins chunks to ensure I had a smooth puree for the pumpkin pie I’ll make for Thanksgiving next week-one of the MANY pumpkin recipes I will be making in the up coming months. I had a cut on the tip of my pointer finger and found that pumpkin does not feel good when it gets up in the cut. It stings, a lot.

I did put the pumpkin in jars but I didn’t go through with the canning process. I’ve yet to pick up the special jar lifter to safely remove the jars from the water bath. I put the jars in the freezer with the lids off and then put the lids on a day later once the freezing was complete. I also stored 1 cup servings in plastic freezer bags.

The Pioneer Woman said she’d never tasted better pumpkin pie than the one made with homemade pumpkin puree: I made pumpkin from homemade pumpkin puree last year and personally couldn’t tell the difference. It we weren’t growing pumpkins at home, I personally wouldn’t go through the hassle of buying pumpkins to puree myself.

Two days later, I’m still recovering from the pumpkin puree mess.


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