Thrifting Tips

Today I took advantage of my time off and made a weekday trip with a friend to the thrift stores in Boulder. It was so fun to go thrifting with a friend because there were twice as many eyes searching and it was handy having someone remind me what I had on my “thrift store wants and needs” list.

I’ve been trying my best to keep the thrifting tips posted on Elise Larson’s A Beautiful Mess Blog, in mind when I’m out and about thrifting. Even though I’ve been doing some heavy thrifting this year, I’ve found the tips very helpful.

My two other favorite tips from Elise’s blog:

Be sure to click over to A Beautiful Mess to check out the rest of Elise’s thrifting tips!

Usually, I have my eyes open for home and craft project supplies, but this trip I was lucky to come home with several clothing “finds”: 2 pairs of skinny jeans (Gap and Express), a cute top, a faux leather purse and peep toe heels.

I also found 4 pink ornaments to use in my craft booth display for this month’s holiday show and some sheets I’m going to cut up to make a curtain for the back of my outdoor craft booth.

I feel so excited on thrift days like today!


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