In One Week

Well, actually it was 8 days… from drawing a small sketch to creating the finished piece of art.

While sitting at my last craft fair, I drew this little sketch for a piece of art for our bedroom. (It’s in the top right corner)

In addition to going from idea to completion in such a short amount of time, I actually stayed pretty close to the original sketch-except I didn’t add the flower drawings. I was so excited about getting the piece of art up on the wall, that I missed adding the last piece-a house.

I really enjoyed creating this piece with lots of different textured papers: dictionary pages, music sheets, security envelopes, scrapbook paper, old graph paper & paint swatches. I also added a bit of fabric, some ribbon, rick rack and paint. To finish it off, I traced the letters for the quote on tracing paper and glued it over the top of everything.

As a final touch, I put Bear’s boutonniere from our wedding on the ribbon.

I’m really excited to have finally created a piece of art purposely for our home!


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