Fall Green Tomatoes

We had our first of several freezes this week. There were still so many tomatoes on our plants, that I made sure to harvest any tomato that was starting to turn red and then covered the plants and hoped for the best.

The plants were looking pretty defeated after 3 nights of 32 degrees. So I decided it was time for all of the plants in the garden to come out this weekend. But before I pulled out the four tomato plants, I pulled all the green tomatoes in hopes that they will turn red sitting in the kitchen.

I don’t believe out garden realized it was Fall. The above photo shows all the sugar snack and petite roma tomatoes that were still on the plants.

What’s more impressive were the 4 bowls of heirloom and big beef tomatoes that I pulled off the plants. I would have sworn it was still summer with the amount of tomatoes I brought inside.

I made spaghetti sauce with the 13 ripe tomatoes and now I’ll just wait to see if my bowls of green tomatoes will turn. I picked up 8 jars for canning at the thrift store today so I’ll be all ready to make roasted heirloom tomatoes.


One thought on “Fall Green Tomatoes

  1. kirstin @ kojodesigns says:

    We live in Denver as well and stripped our garden this week too! My countertops are FULL of bowls of green tomatoes.
    A few years ago, I found a tutorial for making ‘sun dried’ tomatoes using all of your green ones. They’re a little more tart than the red ones, but they’re still really good!
    I put together a tutorial (search sundried tomatoes on the kojo blog if you’re interested!). 🙂

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