Lovely Sewn Pillow

I bought a pillow form on sale at JoAnn’s back in August and it’s been sitting in my studio waiting for me to turn it into a real pillow.

This week I finally dug through my fabric collection-mostly fat quarters because I can’t resist them when I visit Fancy Tiger– and picked out fabric to match the pillows already on the couch. Then I debated about making a pillow with a zipper or an envelope style. The envelope style was decided for me, as I had one zipper too long and one too short.

It took me almost a week to complete this project after I selected the fabric. I have a really hard to committing to a sewing project and actually cutting fabric. What if it doesn’t turn out? What if there was a better use for this fabric? But since most of my fabric sits in a box all the time I had to calm myself down and make the first cut.

I loosely followed the directions for the envelope style sewing a few pieces of fabric together. All in all, this 18 inch pillow took 2 fat quarters. Now that I know this method is so easy, I’m going to want to make more pillows. They’re such a great way to add color and pattern to a room.


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