Amy Tangerine Bits

On a recent trip to Archivers, I came across the scrapbook line of Amy Tangerine.

I was drawn to her scrapbooking papers and bits because of her vibrant and cheery illustrations and her inclusion of stitched papers and fabric stickers.

Reading about Amy, her current goal of  “working on perfecting what she likes to think of as the “art of truly living,” which includes enjoying the everyday; working smarter instead of harder; globetrotting; achieving balance in daily life; and collaborating with other creative people,” sounded so much like what I’m wanting for my life.

Sometimes it’s hard not to feel jealous of other people who are out achieving their goals, getting their designs out into the world and living their dreams out. Because for every thought of glee I had toward Amy’s work, there was the other nasty voice claiming “I hate you.” Translation: “Lexis, why aren’t you doing this?”

Just a reminder to

Check out Amy’s own scrapbook pages at her blog and see what else she is up to.


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