Sabrina Ward Harrison’s House

Sabrina Ward Harrison’s home was recently featured on Apartment Therapy.

I love how she has filled her home with so much of her own artwork. In decorating, she hasn’t forgotten a single nook or cranny, or even the ceiling!

Her home is absolutely stunning in all it’s color and light. I truly appreciate how she has collected all the items in her house and created heartfelt space to live.

Sabrina offers the advice to “Make spaces you truly love to be in!” That sentiment is so important to me when creating a home, especially now that we own our house which allows for some permanency in our lives. Of course, I’ll have to find a balance for my desire to have a creative home, will Bear’s desire for less colorful things.

Often I temporarily display the art I’ve created for shows. But Sabrina’s home inspires me to permanently incorporate more of my own art into our home.  My original intention when I created this piece, was for the house. But with a short deadline for art, it ended up going to the shop to sell. And it sold. I also received several requests for similar pieces of art and was encouraged to make another for my own home.

Seeing Sabrina’s home, has renewed my desire to create for my own home.


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