I Want to Live in the Mountains

One of the things that that I still think Bear and I don’t do enough of…

Getting up into the mountains-leaving the summer heat of Denver-is really something we should do more often. We made a day trip about an hour northwest of Denver to hike to one of 5280′s top alpine lakes, Glacier/Lake Isabelle.

Be warned, there is a $9 fee to access the Brainard Lake Recreation Area and the crowds are thick in the parking lots. Luckily we went out late enough in the afternoon, that most people were heading back and fewer people were hiking as far up as we were.

When we reached the lake, we stopped so Remi could play in the frigid water.

We continued up past the lake, getting to about 11,600 feet.

Despite our complaints that 5280 hadn’t warned us about the fee and the crowds, our trip was totally worth it. When we got to our turn around point we sat on some rocks, enjoyed some trail mix and enjoyed the view of Lake Isabelle and Isabelle Glacier. Round trip our hike took us about 3.5 hours.

“I want to live in the mountains,” I told Bear, as we headed back to Denver.


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