Crazy Carrot + A New Computer

Mid to late summer is the best time for gardens. After waiting and watching, I am finally able to go out back and pick out things for dinner.

Two nights ago we enjoyed a homemade pizza with zucchini, basil, oregano, & green onions all from the garden. Night I’m making italian burgers that include basil, oregano and green onions with a side of zucchini on the grill. YUM!

I also decided to pick one of our many carrots and found this on the other end of the green stem.

It is actually two separate stems that produced one two-pronged carrot and one regular carrot that grew through the middle.

Despite my look of shock, I wasn’t too surprised to see this odd shaped carrot. I remember growing carrots as a kid and often pulling up deformed multi-pronged carrots.

But I think my real cause for excitement was the fact that I was able to quickly and easily take photos of this carrot, and with me in it! Last weekend, after talking about wanting a new computer for over two years, I bought a new MacBook Pro.

Replacing my 5.5 year old computer has been a financial goal for me for awhile and now that I have my new computer, I remember just how much I love Mac. My track pad moves as smooth as butter and saving is instantaneous. I now have “Photobooth” which makes taking photos a snap, as long as I can get the object of photographic desire in front of my screen, I can get a photo of it without hassling with the camera cord.

I’m hoping this means I’ll be posting more photos.


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