Growing Garden

When we bought our house last year we knew we wanted a garden and even though we bought in the Spring, we waited for this Spring to finally plant. We spent the first summer building a raised bed-that has a surprising resemblance to a covered wagon, especially when you put a bench and “hitch up” the bikes- and composting dirt to fill our garden.

Winter hung on a little longer than we we would have liked, but Bear was eager to get our first garden going. I thought we planted our seeds to early since our garden was off to a slow start this spring.

We filled our garden half with seeds and half with starter plants then covered our wagon garden in plastic throughout the spring to keep the warm in and the cold out.

I bought larger basil plants and for awhile, besides our onions, it was the only green in our garden.

That’s Harriet in the corner, a sculpture my mom made. Harriet does a better job at looking pretty then she does at keeping the squirrels out of the garden.


By the 3rd week in June our garden finally started to fill in.

Our onions were still growing strong and our tomato plants started to fill in. We bought cages for the tomatoes, ready for them to take off. From the beginning I was able to pick basil for pasta and pesto. It’s been growing so fast, I can’t keep up with it!

And 26 days later, THIS was our over flowing garden. EVERYTHING took off. There are 4 tomatoe plants in there, 2 zucchini, a row of beans, a pumpkin, 12 onions, 12 carrots, green onions, 5 basil plants, oregano, rosemary, a hot pepper and a green pepper.

To say we over planted in our 4 foot by 8 foot garden is a bit of an over statement. It just looked so empty when we were planning and planting in the spring.

As full as the garden looks it wasn’t until this week that we were able to harvest something other than onions and herbs. We had 4 grape tomatoes-that I ate straight off the vine- and 4 zucchini ripe for the picking.

We’ll be harvesting our onions this weekend, a process we had to look up, and beginning the drying process. Hopefully the rain will stay away long enough for us to leave the onions in the sun for a day or two.

For the rest of the summer, our garden should be providing plenty of zucchini, a variety of tomatoes and we’ll have pumpkins to look forward to this Fall.



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