Winter Park Camping

We were able to beat the heat in Denver this past weekend by driving up to the mountains and camping up near Winter Park.

Unfortunately, we had another trip where we had to drive around for awhile to find a spot to camp. A lot of the National Forest in Grand county is closed to camping due to the pine beetles that have killed hundreds of thousands of acres of pine forests.

Fortunately, driving in the mountains is always beautiful and there is plenty to look at. And by late afternoon we found a spot perfect to park the truck and set up camp.

The real purpose of our trip up to Winter Park was to tour our wedding site, Snow Mountain Ranch. Our original tour was back in January when the entire area was covered in snow. It was wonderful to go for a visit in the summer and see where we will actually be getting married- in less than 2 months!

I was also able to ask a lot of questions about the venue to finish up my wedding planning and crafting.

And we were lucky enough to hear and see one of the many marmots living up there.




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