In the Mail


Our wedding invitations are in the mail. Wow! Is it already that time?

I had to go to three different post offices in three days to find the stamps that I wanted for my wedding invitations. I knew the stamps were to be released at the end of May, so I figured I’d have no problem finding them 2 weeks after their release date. Two of the post offices hadn’t even received their shipment and the third post office barely had enough to offer me two books of stamps.



But it was well worth the hunt. White rose stamps just wouldn’t do for our bright yellow envelopes and the “amazing, fabulous, coolest invitations ever” (as one guest described them.)



I was so excited to finally be able to put our wedding invitations in the mail. When my mom was visiting last month, I asked her to address all of the invitations because she has such nice perfect cursive. My own handwriting is a blend of print and cursive, so when I do strict curvsive I have to think real hard about the next letter and how to loop it correctly.






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