An Antique of My Own

I stopped into Goodwill on my way home the other night, because ya know, it was on my way. And I fell in love with an antique dresser. I’ve always wanted a piece of old furniture, the kind that you inherit from your grandparents. This dresser was marked at $80, which is more than I’ve ever considered spending at Goodwill but I also knew for an antique piece it was a good price. I went home and told Bear about it-he gave me the “you went to Goodwill again” look-and realized I needed to go back the next day and purchase the dresser.

So over my lunch break, I went to Goodwill and made a beeline for the antique dresser. I was relieved to find it sitting right where I left it. I pulled the tag and went straight to the counter to purchase the dresser.



When I brought it home, Bear said “Well, it matches our house.”

I don’t know where the dresser is going to end up living in our house. Right now it is sitting in the living room. It may stay there or it could go in the guest room. For now I’m content just to walk by and think how happy I am about my newest find!


In my two visits in two days, I found out that Goodwill will be having one of their 50% off everything sales on Saturday, June 11. For those of you in the Denver Metro area looking for an even better deal, be sure to check it out. I’m always pretty excited when I know ahead of time that Goodwill will be having a sale. I’ll be there Saturday morning picking up the rest of the silverware for the wedding. At 5 cents a piece, you can’t beat it!

And as always, the more often you go the more likely you are to find something good. Happy thrifting and happy weekend!


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