Wedding Craft Sneak Peak

My mom was just in town visiting to help with wedding crafts. Although I’d like to keep a lot of the secrets for the big day, I wanted to share a few sneak peak snap shots of what we’ve been working on.

One of my FAVORITE things for the wedding are the tutus for the flower girls, Bear’s nieces. My mom made no sew tutus which were super easy and then sewed fabric yo-yos for an accent at the waist.

One of the most predominate wedding decorations will be the bunting flags we hang in the reception tent. We calculated we’d need about 150 feet of flags. I think we picked out about 15 different fabrics to be used for all of our projects, most of the fabric going to the flags and the table runners.

Below are more yo-yos for another project we will be putting together for the wedding.

I’m super excited at how well everything is coming together and I couldn’t have done any of it without the help of my mom and her “slave labor sewing.”

Thanks mom!


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