Operation Rescrap Recap

This past weekend I was a vendor at Operation Rescrap up in Loveland, an hour north of  Denver. I listened to my intuition and splurged for a hotel for two nights.

Being able to drive a few minutes and relax in a hotel was a very special treat.

I got a turtle sundae from Culver‘s and started reading  The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown. It was much needed relaxing weekend alone.

Unfortunately, the market wasn’t quite the financial success that I had hoped it would be. As a new event, the traffic was slow.

Even though it wasn’t a financial success, I met a lot of amazing craft ladies.

I met Mandy of Fern and Sprout. She makes the most darling hair accessories.

And I met Camille of Camille Falk Designs, who makes unique upcycled jewelry.

I also met Jentrey of My Tangled Skeins, Mary of Flora Fauna, Hope of Haunted Sparrow and Pink of Green Jeans. Above are a few of us modeling Camille’s earrings and Mandy’s headbands.
It was wonderful and inspiring meeting everyone.

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