Photographic Past

When my dad passed away 4.5 year ago, I inherited a cooler of photographs and the negatives for every photo he had ever taken. My dad moved around a lot during his 49 years and this was one of the few things that had stayed with him.

I have since moved everything into a plastic storage pin and it has followed me to my last 6 places of residence. Recently, I decided to scan some of the negatives to CD so that I could touch up and reproduce some of the amazing photographs that my dad took. Between 1978 and 1986 my dad took hundreds of photos of his travels from Addie, Washington, to Bear Valley, California, to Alaska to Utah to Wisconsin and everywhere in between. He had one stack of negatives labeled “6,000 mile trip with Tricia(my mom).”

I spent one Saturday night sitting on the floor holding negatives up to the light to distinguish the images I was looking at and picked out several negative strips to get digitized. I was excited to find out that Walgreens photo lab had the ability to quickly convert my negatives to a CD and  in as quick as an hour.

Inspired by the photographic art of Julian Bialowas, I combined my father’s images with some of my favorite quotes. Creating these photo quotes was so much fun for me and for a few days I was seriously addicting to creating them.

I printed the above and have it hanging in our bedroom. Of all the pieces I did, I think this text is the most fitting given the source of the photographs.

Using the services of Canvas On Demand, I choose to have the image above printed on a 16×20 photographic canvas. The photo was taken somewhere in Alaska in 1981. The quote is the YMCA tagline, which I have become familiar with because Bear and I will be getting married at the YMCA of the Rockies at Snow Mountain Ranch in Winter Park, Colorado August 27.


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