A+ Thrift Day

My big weekend plan was a trip to Goodwill to take advantage of their 50% off sale. I made plans to go to a Goodwill location that I hadn’t been to in my wedding supply search.

Although I found 1 plate, 30 knives, 2 table clothes, and 2 embroidery hoops, it was the second Goodwill that I went to that proved to be the real treasure trove.

After looking for and finding my wedding staples (9 plates and a poppy colored sheet to make table runners) my arms were getting tired so I grabbed a cart to roam the store some more. With my hands free I picked out 15 forks, found 2 frames, a new yoga mat, more embroidery hoops, a box of address printer labels, a set of file folder dividers and two glass trays. My total at check out with the 50% discount was $22. I couldn’t have been more excited!

The icing on my thrift store cake, was the estate sale I found on my drive home. I was beyond excited when I found an old photo album with photos from the 30s. A few years ago I was at an estate sale and they wanted 25 cents per photo and I was weary about what this sale would charge for the album since it wasn’t marked. I picked it up and wandered through the rest of the sale. There was a sewing room in the basement where I found a cloth measuring tape and a box of old sewing patterns. All great items to add to my art supply collection.

I walked up to pay and thinking about Cash & Cari, I was prepared to counter offer for the photo album. But I had to hold back my excitement when I was told $4 for everything!

All in all, I spent $35 and I couldn’t wait for Bear to come home from skiing so I could show him everything I had found.


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