An Excuse to Thrift

Instead of renting place settings for the wedding reception, I have decided to collect plates from thrift stores. This finally gives me an excues to buy cute plates and a good reason to hit up all the thrift stores and wonder around.

So far I have found 15 plates in just under two weeks after going to 3 Goodwills, 2 ARCs, 1 Savers and 1 Unique Thrift store. I have found that Goodwill has the best price on plates. Unless otherwise marked all plates are 49 cents. Savers had the next best prices, 99 cents or 4 for $2.99. Unique Thrift had plates for 99 cents and ARC was the highest starting at $1.99 a plate.

Yesterday was the jackpot day, I found 9 plates at one Goodwill. I was so excited to go home and tell Bear!

I am also looking for table clothes on my trips and have found 4 so far and been lucky enough to find items with the colored sale tag of the day. It’s just so exciting when I find a good deal!

I can’t help but keep my eyes open while at thrifts stores. Although I am trying to make myself go straight to table clothes and plates when I visit on my lunch breaks.

I found this 3 opening picture frame that I think I’m going to paint and the fabric tote bin below-that I actually remember seeing at Target and thought about purchasing. We have drawers in our bathroom for storage and it’s hard to fit the towels. This tote works perfect to store rolled up towels.


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