Show & Tell: Lollipop Pottery

Artisan Center in Denver’s Cherry Creek is always a fun shop to browse through. On my last visit I saw mugs by Lollipop Pottery and I made a note to look up the company.

I thought the bird and cage illustrations were so adorable! I could easily see these mugs quickly becoming a favorite in my house if I owned one. There really is nothing better then drinking a hot beverage out of a favorite mug!

Lollipop Pottery was created by duo Jessica and Tyson Geib. “They spend each day happily working together, utilizing their different and complimentary talents in an effort to make pots that are hopefully different from and complimentary to the objects you use and enjoy on a daily basis.” Doesn’t that sound like a nice existence!

In addition to mugs, Lollipop Pottery makes vases, dishes and vessels. Each piece is thrown on the potters wheel using a porcelain clay body and then painted with homemade underglazes and decals. When the piece is complete, it has gone through a total of three firing cycles.

Find out where to purchase Lollipop Pottery in your area.


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