For Sale Soon

I’ve been working on some new artwork for Talulah Jone’s. They are doing a handmade in Colorado event for February, so I have been on a bit of a tight deadline. But it gave me the spark to finally finish “Find Beauty Everyday.” I started the piece on a pre-printed canvas I found at Goodwill still in it’s original wrapping.

This piece was originally intended for the house, but since I was struggling to have enough artwork, it turned into a for sale piece. I’m so happy with the way it turned out. I had a vision for it in my head and after I got the base complete, I got stuck for a little while on how to make my vision come to life. It was an old photo I bought at an estate sale that finally inspired me to complete this piece. It is black and white landscape of the mountains with the evergreen silhouettes on the left. I remembered the stencil that I had saved from this piece, created in early 2009, and got back to work.

I was really suprised at how quickly the second piece came about.

The pink flower was something I cut out of a magazine in high school and had saved forever. I was so excited that I finally used it! I used paint and a scrap of dictionary page for the base layer. Then a fabric scrap on the left and some paint chips on the bottom. I finished it-and the other piece- with a layer of wax and then I drew on top for the border. It wasn’t my intention to do it in black. I was disappointed when I picked up the marker and started drawing and realized it was a black marker and not the lighter one I had thought was next to me. I feel it may be a little harsh, but there wasn’t a lot to be done at that point.

I also started the base for another 6×6 to go with “We All Grow.”


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