The fourth piece of art that I had for my Talulah Jones show was actually a refresh.

The original piece of artwork was created in January of 2009 and sat at Rejuvanest for over a year and half. I finally pulled it from the shop and brought it back to my studio. It sat for awhile and when my mom can to visit she said “Can I give you some constructive criticism?” She told that she really liked the background of the piece but the photography wasn’t doing anything for her.

I pulled the photo off and even though I liked the text “if you give, you begin to live,” I really couldn’t figure out what to do with the piece and still use the text. So I pulled the text off as well. I added some more paint, rick rack, washi tape, illustrated birds, butcher’s twine, paint chips and sticker letter to revamp the canvas.

It was the one piece of artwork to sell the night of my show. I was cleaning everything up and a couple was at the register purchasing their christmas gifts and saw my art on the counter. They asked if I was the artist. I told them I was. After eyeing the art for a moment the husband said “we’ll take it.”

Being able to meet the people who purchase my art is what I miss about having my work sit in shops without me. Craft fairs allow me to interact with my customers and I always get so excited to meet these people. I’m also curious about where people find a place for my art in their homes.


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