That Time of Year Again

This is the point I sit down and evaluate the last year and look forward to the next. I have made it a point to create New Year’s Resolutions for several years now. In college I made resolution cards (trading card sized with images to represent each resolution) with my best friend that I hung up as visual reminders throughout the year.

I’m not trying to create radical changes in my life or set unrealistic goals with my resolutions. Instead, I set them to help me refocus my efforts and create a better life for myself.

Last year’s goals of drawing morere-evaluating the Lexisworks logocollecting my internet scraps in one place*telling friends they are amazing,* and eating better are just one variation of the three areas I seem to focus: taking care of my body, appreciating the people around me, and expressing myself creatively.

This year isn’t much different.

The biggest thing happening for me in 2011 will be my wedding. Bear and I got engaged in early December when we went to cut down our christmas tree in the national forest.

After starting the wedding planning process I have already experienced my first melt down. My resolution is to keep those wedding planning melt downs to a minimum and focus on all the positive, wonderful things about getting married, rather than the money, scheduling and decisions. I also don’t want to be the girl that talks about her wedding constantly.

On that note, I would also like to “Remember the happyas Design*Sponge put it. It’s so easy to let myself feel sadness or disappointment when I have a bad day, hear bad news or have a little argument. My brain is very good at replaying the bad and forgetting all about the happy which spirals me downward. It is a bit like the dementor’s in Harry Potter.

Now that the studio has been done for a few months now, I would really like to take advantage of the fact that I have an entire room dedicated to my art. I don’t have to share the room with the guest bed, sleeping bags or bikes. It is brightly painted and full of the things that inspire me. I have been using the excuse that it’s cold in the basement -where my studio is located- and the space heater that I want for the space is currently back ordered. And it is cold, but not icicle cold and really, I’m cold most the time anyway. If I want Lexisworks to become my full time job one day then I need to be creating art now.

Finally I want to take advantage of living in a state with 300 days of sunshine and where we can have 18 days in December where the temperature reaches 50 or above. Of course our weather can change quickly as well. Christmas day was 51 degrees, but by New Years it was 5 degrees. We spent Christmas day snowshoeing in the mountains, actually removing layers of clothing because it was so warm. I want to get out and see more of Colorado as well as enjoy all of the open spaces closer to town.


Happy New Year and I hope 2011 is a fantastic year for all of you!


One thought on “That Time of Year Again

  1. April P. says:

    Great blog post and CONGRATS on your engagement! So awesome and I love that a Christmas tree was involved.

    If you need any vendor suggestions, please let me know- we could meet for coffee! I could offer advice on photographers, venues, florists, and more all in many different price ranges. Working in the wedding industry for two years here I have an ok idea of who you might want to stay away from and a few you could negotiate with. 🙂

    Congrats, again.

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